Unite Action

What have we done?

  • March 29th: many dozens of our members attended a Community Meeting.
  • April 4th: amidst growing concern about the proposed development, community group members met with the Leaside Property Owner’s Association (LPOA).
  • April 15th: in the first meeting of the steering group, Leaside Unite joined forces with the LPOA to oppose this development as proposed.
  • April 17th: in a letter to Councillor Parker, Leaside Unite & LPOA requested an urgent meeting, strongly objecting to both content and process of this development.
  • April 30th: three Leaside Unite/LPOA representatives met with Councillor Parker and City Staff.
  • May 2th: first news a Design Review Panel (DRP) will discuss the Laird / Wicksteed development May 14- very premature, and potentially prejudicial.
  • May 4th: in a  letter to Councillor Parker (II), Leaside Unite & LPOA called on him to immediately have the Design Review Panel delayed.
  • May 11th: without any reaction from Councillor Parker, Leaside Unite & LPOA wrote to the Design Review Panel requesting its consideration be delayed.
  • May 14th: a representative of Leaside Unite attended the Design Review Panel (which does not allow actual community input). Minutes are expected here.
  • May 23th: Leaside Unite and LPOA announced to organize a Community Meeting on Monday, June 11th. A further letter was sent to Councillor Parker.