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June 12, 2012

More than 300 people joined Leaside Unite and the Leaside Property Owner’s Association (LPOA) on Monday, June 11, 2012. Thanks so much for coming out!

We heard from residents, business owners, community leaders, and politicians (both past and present). What we learned:

    Presentation - June 11, 2012

    View the slide show presentation given at the meeting, June 11, 2011.

  • The proposed Wicksteed development requires a zoning amendment and may be permitted under the Official Plan if:
    • “sufficient transportation capacity is available to accomodate the extra traffic generated by the development, resulting in an acceptable level of traffic on adjacent and nearby streets” and…
    • “the function of other economic activities within the Employment Areas and the economic health of nearby shopping districts are not adversely affected” (Official Plan Clause 4.6.3)
  • Big Box Development CAN be stopped. Leaside Unite and the LPOA believe that the development proposal as presented will result in a further increase in traffic levels that are already unacceptable, and we also believe that further big box development will have a detrimental effect on small businesses on Bayview, Eglinton and the surrounding area.
  • It requires a combined effort by residents, business, community groups, city officials, and politicians
  • Civic & political leadership is required

People who have been in these situations told us the fight will take time, effort, and yes, money.

Please continue to help:

  • sign the petition, and spread the word
  • sign up to join the Leaside Unite list, and volunteer
  • become a member of LPOA, and donate to the fight (see to right on this page)
  • write to your City Councillor and City Staff with your opinions/objections to the project

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