Proposed Development

The December 13, 2011 Preliminary Report from City Staff (Director, Community Planning, North York District) on the Application to Amend the Zoning By-law at this site is here (PDF).
Various plans and maps are included. Updates on the project from the City of Toronto Planning office are here.

The January 10, 2012 North York Community Council decision on the Preliminary Report is here.

  • Mr. Geoff Kettel, VP of the LPOA spoke to the Preliminary Report
  • Mr. Brian Athey, President of the LPOA, submitted a summary of concerns regarding the detrimental impact on the adjacent […] neighbourhood, [the] existing employment area, and [the] main street shopping area.
    Among the objectionable issues:

    • Inappropriate Land Use
    • Minor Laird frontage
    • Over-intensification
    • (inadequate) Parking
    • Economic Impact
    • Traffic
    • Environment and Urban Design

The Toronto Official Plan, whose Policies we have found this development does not meet, is here.