May 23 update: Join our community meeting on June 11!

May 24, 2012

We are disappointed Councillor Parker did not postpone the Design Review Panel meeting as requested and the design of the mega box store was basically ‘approved’ by the panel.

To provide further information, and receive more feedback, Leaside United and the Leaside Property Owner’s Association will host a community meeting. 

Everybody is welcome and invited to attend on Monday, June 11th at the William Lea Room (1073 Millwood Rd), from 7pm!

Councillor Parker’s contribution at the Design Review Panel (DRP) was thanking the panel for their hard work. We found this upsetting as we did send two emails before the DRP to cancel the meeting and did not even get a response.
Councillor Parker did respond to a number of your personal emails to suggest the DRP was a positive thing and may provide support for stopping the project or lowering the density. Given the outcome of the meeting, this was clearly a misguided response.
We are also bothered by the fact that Councillor Parker is informing residents he is working with the community (through representatives of Leaside Unite) when in fact we have only had one introductory meeting and Councillor Parker has done absolutely nothing in our opinion to stop the project or reduce the density. In fact, he has done just the opposite by not working with us to resolve this issue.

We are hosting a community meeting on Monday June 11th at the William Lea Room at 7pm.
We have requested in this letter that Councillor Parker meet with the developer to have significant and material reductions in the size and density of the project. Hopefully, he will be able to present something more positive at that meeting for consideration.

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