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May 11 update: asking the DRP to postpone

May 11, 2012

Councillor Parker never got back to Brian Athey, David Mimms or Graham Shirly regarding postponing the Design Review Panel (DRP). Our response was a letter to the Chair of the DRP, which was also sent to John Parker and Steve Forrester.

Councillor Parker has replied via email to a number of Leaside Unite members with the following email:

“I do not support the suggestion that the design review be delayed. I want the design review. I asked for it. It is not mandatory on the part of the developer, and the developer could readily refuse to attend. If we delay Monday’s meeting and the developer for whatever reason chooses to pursue an application to the OMB in the mean time, we would be forced to take our case to the OMB without the benefit of the guidance and advice that the design review panel will provide. Any suggestion that Monday’s proceeding is somehow premature or that the community has something to gain by not proceeding with it is ill informed and unwise.”

Well, our response to all our members it is absolutely premature for the DRP to be reviewing this rezoning at this time. The proposed use (retail) may not even be permitted (based on the two OP criteria yet to be evaluated). Further, even if the use is approved, the application is far too large in density and parking and requires extensive revision. The DRP reviews building design, materials, site planning, and streetscape elements and will not comment on density, traffic or market impact issues. As such, we are all in agreement that the DRP is premature and will only cement and support certain features.

Councillor Parker did forward our email requesting a meeting with the City’s traffic staff to the director and advised he will respond as soon as reasonably possible. We ask that you continue to send your concerns on traffic and local businesses to Steve Forrester (sforrest@toronto.ca).


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