Letter to Councillor Parker, April 17, 2012

April 17, 2012

This letter (PDF, also below) was sent to Councillor Parker (and appropriate city staff) yesterday voicing our opposition to the Laird/Parkhurst project. We will provide further updates as needed.


April 17, 2012

Re: 70 and 80 Wicksteed Ave., 202, 204 and 204 Parkhurst Blvd., 99 Vanderhoof Ave.
Rezoning Application by Wicksteed Development Limited

Dear Councillor Parker;

We are writing to request an urgent meeting with you and pertinent City staff to discuss the community’s objections to this application. As you are aware, there is significant and growing opposition to this latest retail proposal. Leaside Unite and the Leaside Property Owners Association have formed a joint working group to represent the community’s concerns.

We cannot wait five months for the process to run its course as suggested, and know that the staff report needs to reflect the perspective and input of the community. To date, City Council has approved almost 500,000 sf of big box retail uses on former employment lands in the Leaside Business Park area. This new proposal will have a detrimental impact on Leaside and the surrounding community.

Our objections are based on the following:

  1. The application does not meet the tests or criteria of OP Policy 4.6.3.
  2. 51% FSI (density) is excessive and inappropriate for a retail development and the subject property.
  3. The maximum single store size should not exceed 25,000 sf.
  4. Underground parking is unsafe, precedent setting and contributes to the excessive density.
  5. The proposal will have a permanent and detrimental impact on our local main street merchants and the Leaside Business Park.
  6. The proposal will materially increase existing traffic congestion in the area and will have a significant negative impact on local residential streets.

We ask that you establish an interim moratorium on this and future applications for the conversion of employment lands to retail in our community. We look forward to your response and support for a meeting within the next 10 days with yourself and appropriate city staff.

Yours truly,

Graham Shirley, David Mimms, Brian Athey

Cc. Steve Forrester, City of Toronto
Susan Smallwood, City of Toronto
Allen Appleby, City of Toronto
Dag Enhorning, Leaside Business Park
Members of North York Community Council
Councillor Josh Matlow

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