July 17 Update

July 17, 2012

As committed to at the June 11 community meeting, representatives of Leaside Unite and the Leaside Property Owners’ Association met with Councillor Parker and City of Toronto Staff on July 10 to discuss the proposed Wicksteed Development. This was the first meeting, and is expected to be the first of several as more information becomes available.

In mid-June, Leaside Unite & LPOA requested and received all correspondence from the City’s planning departments to the developer. Based on the documentation provided, Leaside Unite & LPOA developed and provided to city staff a six page document identifying the neighbourhood’s concerns and outstanding questions.

Please see below a brief summary of notable items:

  • The city will provide Leaside Unite & the LPOA all further departmental comments and re-submissions made by the developer, in a timely manner.
  • The city has outsourced a peer review of the Retail Impact Analysis provided by the developer but has not received anything back yet; a copy of the report will be forwarded when available.
  • The city’s comments on the traffic impact assessment provided by the developer identified some serious concerns. Notably, the traffic volumes provided by the developer were significantly lower than the volumes listed in the City database for the intersections at Vanderhoof & Brentcliffe and Laird & Millwood; also pedestrian crossing volumes were not included in the capacity analyses.  The developer will be responding to all the city’s comments in due course.
  • A number of additional issues which must be addressed by the city were raised in the meeting, including:
    • The level of the proposed Smart Centre’s traffic impact on North Leaside. It was brought to the City’s attention that the developer’s traffic analysis does not consider any streets north of Eglinton;
    • The cumulative impact of all developments under construction in the area;
    • Safety and other concerns associated with underground parking;
    • And, the fact that residents are overwhelmingly opposed to a traffic light at Laird and Vanderhoof, which would invite traffic onto local streets.

Next Steps:

  • The developer to respond to the traffic issues raised the City, Leaside Unite and the LPOA.
  • The City of Toronto to provide copies of the peer review of the Retail Impact study when available;
  •  The City of Toronto to review all comments and outstanding questions and provide a response;
  • Schedule next meeting between Leaside Unite and the LPOA with City planners after the above has been provided.

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